Carnival Vista Recognized for Its Environmental Advances

Carnival Vista Receives ECO Notation Award It’s not easy going green.

London-based Lloyd’s Register has given Carnival Vista the “ECO Notation” designation which recognizes that Carnival Vista exceeds current maritime environmental regulations. This is the first Carnival Cruise Line ship to receive this distinguished recognition.

Lloyd’s Register (LR) established a set of voluntary standards that vessels can seek to achieve that exceed regulations established by the International Maritime Organization and other regulatory agencies. Vessels seeking the ECO Notation must comply with a set of rules established by Lloyd’s Register that govern ship design as well as pass their surveys and audits during the construction process and once the ship is in service.

The ship was designed and engineered to reduce emissions by using low-sulfur fuel, advanced filters and cleaning systems plus it has the first Intelligent Power Management System installed on a Carnival vessel. Its steam-turbine generator recovers excess steam produced by exhaust gas boilers while the ship is underway.

Other shipboard systems that contribute to Carnival Vista’s reduced environmental impacts include an advanced wastewater treatment system and energy-efficient LED lighting throughout the vessel.

Years from now when it’s time to retire the Carnival Vista, because of exceeding  regulatory requirements that are part of the Hong Kong Convention for Safe Recycling of Ships, it will be safer and cleaner to recycle the vessel.

To ensure the ship continues to comply with its ECO Rules and maintains its environmental notation, Lloyd’s Register will periodically review Carnival Vista’s operations.

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