American Cruise Lines Adds More Riverboats and Coastal Ships

American Cruise Lines keeps rolling on the rivers by leaps and bounds. This Connecticut-based cruise line is adding more small riverboats and coastal ships to their expanding fleet.

Over the past two years, American Cruise Lines aggressive ship-building program has expanded and they launched a new ship in 2017 and two new ships in 2018. American’s has a new ship to enter service this summer and two more new ships in both 2020 and 2021.

In August 2019, American Harmony, the second of five ships in American’s Modern Riverboat Series, will begin service on the Mississippi. As a result, this will be the eleventh ship in American Cruise Lines fleet of U.S. built ships.

By 2021, their fleet will increase to 15 ships. American Song, their first modern riverboat that began cruising in October 2018 cruises on the Columbia & Snake Rivers. The third, yet unnamed modern riverboat is under construction at Chesapeake Shipbuilding in Salisbury, MD. It is scheduled to launch in 2020.

Here’s a peek inside their Modern Riverboat

American Cruise Lines Modern Riverboat Atrium
This is the multi-story glass atrium for their Modern Riverboat series of vessels.
American Cruise Lines Modern Riverboat Lounge
This is the typical aft-facing lounge on their Modern Riverboats.

All of American’s modern riverboats have the soaring multi-story glass atriums. In addition, each new ship in the series has an opening bow and retractable gangway. This unique feature that enables their riverboats to make bow landings at sometimes unexpected and interesting locations. All modern riverboats have casual cafes and opulent dining rooms.

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They’re the same riverboats, yet different

While every ship in the Modern Riverboat Series has the same “bones”, each new ship will be slightly different than the previous one. American Song, the first Modern Riverboat, has five decks and enormous 900 sq/ft Grand Suites with wrap-around private balconies.

The second ship, American Harmony, has six decks. The fifth deck is home to ten huge Veranda Suites. Finally, the third modern riverboat will be slightly larger than the first and second, but all accommodate under 200 passengers.

Looks like an exciting time as American Cruise Lines adds more riverboats and coastal ships. I’ve cruised with them on the Mississippi and Columbia and Snake Rivers and had amazing experiences on both of their paddlewheelers.


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