AmaWaterways Launches Two New River Ships, Adds More Bike and Hike Excursions

AmaWaterways celebrates AmaViola christening ceremony.
AmaWaterways AmaViola christening celebration in Vilshofen, Germany.

AmaWaterways christens AmaViola and AmaStella in Germany.

AmaWaterways launches two new river ships, the AmaViola and AmaStella, to the growing AmaWaterways fleet. On hand for the celebration of the AmaViola in Vilshofen, Germany were owners Rudi Schreiner and Kristin Karst with godmother Jackie Friedman, President of the travel agency host company, Nexion.

Along with two new river ships, AmaWaterways is ramping up their super-successful bike and hike shore excursion programs.

All river cruise lines want to attract younger clientele and keep them for years. But younger passengers want active and engaging activities. In hopes of doing so, many river cruise lines are adding a variety of energetic outdoors activities besides the usual walking tours through city centers.

And of course there are many older, active adults that want the chance to keep up their active, healthy hometown lifestyles, too.

AmaWaterways was the first European river cruise line to carry onboard bicycles for escorted and self-led shore excursions. So it makes sense that they would add hiking tours to the list of shore excursions, as well.

“Over the past two seasons, we have seen steadily increasing demand from our passengers for more active excursions,” said Kristin Karst, AmaWaterways’ executive vice president and co-owner. “While we have always maintained a commitment to healthy and active travel, we decided to kick it up a notch, introducing new biking and hiking tours that specifically appeal to those seeking an even more active, adventurous experience.”

On AmaWaterways bike tour from Regensburg, Germany to the Valhalla Monument about 8 miles away.
On AmaWaterways bike tour from Regensburg, Germany to the Valhalla Monument about 8 miles each way.

Last year’s partnership with Backroads enabled AmaWaterways to cater to even more adventurous bicycling tourists.

Escorted bike tour itineraries

  • A tour of the historic waterfront town of Willemstad
  • Cycling along the river Sava and through Kalemegdan Park in Belgrade
  • A ride through Antwerp visiting a fortress, museums and hidden quarters
  • Tours of the Wachau Valley along the Danube
  • A ride through the historic town of Bamberg (a UNESCO World Heritage Site), seeing its famous breweries and market gardens
  • A picturesque tour through wooded hills and beaches of poplars along the scenic shores of the Inn River in Passau

Escorted hiking tour itineraries

Additionally, this year, 12 port cities are home to AmaWaterways’ new hiking tours. This includes two wine tasting options during the Fortress Hike in Durnstein. Other options include:

  • Fourviere Hill in Lyon
  • Passau Castle Hike in Passau
  • Mount Pipet in Vienne
  • Chateau Gaillard in Les Andelys
  • Dom Luis Bridge, Old Harbor Quarter, Cathedral in Porto

All of AmaWaterways’ guided biking and hiking tours are included in the cruise fare.

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