Pearl Seas Cruises

Pearl Seas Cruises is the first international, ocean-going venture by the owners of American Cruise Lines. The line’s ship – Pearl Mist was a new build for Pearl Seas that entered service in 2014, marking the beginning of operations for the new venture.

Pearl Mist small ship on the Great Lakes. (Photo: Pearl Seas)

Ship: 1 – Pearl Mist

How Many Passengers: 210 passengers

Personality: The small number of guests means there is an intimate atmosphere onboard, where guests and crew get to know each other quite well. Spaces around the vessel are elegant and comfortable.

Fellow Passengers: Most passengers are older and from the United States. However, it isn’t uncommon to find multigenerational families and groups onboard, as well as families with older children.

Cabins: Range from 300 to 500 square feet. As far as the cruise industry goes, the cabins are quite large and feature full-length sliding glass doors with a balcony or large picture windows for watching the scenery pass by. Each stateroom also has a full-sized bathroom and includes a flat-screen television and DVD player. There are also a limited number of solo staterooms available.

Dining: Everyone eats in one large, glass-enclosed main dining room. Meals are fresh and ingredients are locally sourced whenever possible. Since there is such a small number of guests on each cruise, special requests are welcomed and can often be accommodated by the chefs. Coffee, beverages, and snacks are available 24 hours a day.

Amenities: Sundecks, multiple lounges, a library, open-air fitness area, free wifi, included bathroom amenities, evening entertainment with a focus on music and history, and onboard naturalists and historians.

Best For: Those that don’t mind a slower, more relaxing atmosphere onboard. English-speaking families or couples looking for a small-ship experience.

Included Alcohol: Complimentary cocktail hour every evening

Gratuities: Additional

Where They Go: Canadian Maritimes, St. Lawrence Seaway, Maine, the Great Lakes.