sleeping cars on Amtrak

Amtrak Deluxe Bedroom Sleeper

29 Best Tips for Your Amtrak Overnight Train

While these tips for traveling on an Amtrak overnight train are aimed at those who have a roomette or bedroom, almost all of these tips will apply to overnight coach passengers as well. Make the most of your next Amtrak overnight train trip. I just completed a circle America Amtrak train journey that included seven […] Read more…

One of the prettiest of the Amtrak Silver Meteor Dining Cars.

Overnight on Amtrak from Florida to New York City

There are plane people. And there are train people. Some people want to get there yesterday. Others, like me, enjoy the journey.  For train people, the trip begins when you step onboard. Settle into your seat.  Wait for that forward lurch when the wheels engage, signaling the journey has begun. It’s slow travel; scenic, relaxing and […] Read more…