There are advantages to living near a cruise port.  You don’t have the stress of pre-cruise airline connections, delays or cancellations.  Without a long highway drive, there isn’t the chance of getting stuck in a traffic jam.

There are also distinct disadvantages.  Being close to a cruise port puts you into a more casual frame of mind with regards to your cruise departure.  Organizing, packing and heading to the port are more like afterthoughts than months-long preparation.  This was my situation.

Living near the port, I found myself working right up until dinnertime of the night before my cruise.  9PM I started packing and by 3AM my clothes-packing was complete.  A quick four-hour snooze and I was back at my computer, a steamy cup of coffee by my mouse and last minute email forwarding/away message setup was underway.

With a four o’clock deadline to be onboard the NCL Sun and with no Plan B option should I miss the ship, I started to frantically throw my remaining possessions into whatever Ziplock bag or small carry-along I could find.

2:38PM – Left my house

3:10PM – I’m in my stateroom

3:20PM – Enjoying a cold Chardonnay and a light lunch by the Lido pool.

Luckily for me, Port Canaveral is only a short distance from my front door.  Spoiled? No.  Complacent?  Most definitely.  Now I have a much better appreciation for how cruisers living in the South Florida area must feel; it’s so wonderfully convenient and uncomplicated living with a major cruise port nearly in your backyard.

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  1. Well then aren’t you lucky for living so darn close to the port! In less than an hour from leaving your home you were already sipping on a glass of Chardonnay on the cruise!

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