Le Boat Review and Profile

Le Boat is a member of Travelopia, a group of companies which comprises the world’s largest collection of specialist travel brands, over 50 in total. Le Boat owns and operates the largest fleet of self-drive cruisers in Europe, and is Europe’s number one boating vacation company.  Basically, you’re renting your own private boat.

Boats:  44

How Many Passengers: From 3 to 12 passengers.

Personality: Le Boat is unlike any of the other cruise lines mentioned on our website. Instead of being a “cruise line,” Le Boat is a company from which you can rent small boats to take on a river trip for a specified amount of time, and guests can choose from one-way or roundtrip vacations. They have boats in a number of countries in Europe, as well as in Canada. Because each boat is different, each has a different style and variety of amenities.

Fellow Passengers: Your fellow passengers will be whoever joins you for your adventure, whether family or friends. Even dogs (up to two) are allowed to join in on the fun.

Cabins: Sleeping arrangements are different on every boat. You’ll find comfortable linens, quality towels, and plenty of storage space no matter which boat you choose.

Dining: This type of trip is sort of like having your own boat, so you’re responsible for meals! Each boat has a fully-functioning kitchen, and Le Boat offers an advanced grocery ordering service so that your selections will already be onboard when you arrive. The company also has barbecue grills that you can rent for use onboard. Of course, you may also dine in restaurants whenever you stop along your adventure.

Amenities: Base staff goes over the route with you before you leave and gives you a boat handling demo, technical support, and a kitchen with all of the necessary dishes and utensils

Best For: Those with a strong sense of adventure who aren’t afraid to drive a boat and do things on their own. Couples, families, friends, and groups would all have a fun time on Le Boat.

Included Alcohol: None

Gratuities: Not applicable. Something to note though: most locks fees are included in the price of the rental, but fees for mooring at private docks are not (most mooring spots you’ll find along the way are free).

Where They Go: France, England, Ireland, Scotland, Italy, Belgium, Holland, Germany, and Canada

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