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A-Rosa River Cruise Review

Created in 2000, A-ROSA was originally a subsidiary of P&O Cruises, designed specifically to serve the German market. Soon after Carnival Corporation merged with P&O in 2003, A-ROSA was sold to a private company.  In 2013, the line dedicated three of their ships to the English-speaking market: Stella, Silva, and Aqua.  A-ROSA is also one of the most all-inclusive cruise lines. And A-ROSA is the only line that offers complimentary transfers for guests to and from the closest train stations to embarkation and disembarkation.

Ships: 10

How Many Passengers: From 174 to 242 passengers.

Personality: Elegant, but with bright colors.  Features are elaborate and aimed at more active travelers.  Welcoming, helpful staff, but some may not speak English very well.

Fellow Passengers: A-ROSA is marketing heaviest to Germans, and as a result the majority of guests aboard most cruises will be German.  However, three ships are marketing specifically to North Americans and other English-speaking countries, so here you’ll find more American, British, and Australian passengers, as well as a more English-speaking crew. These sailings appeal more to seasoned travelers.

Cabins: Exterior window cabins, rooms with a Juliette-style balcony, and some ships also include suites. Some, like the cabin below that was located on the lowest deck, have portholes.

Dining Experience: Indoor and outdoor buffet restaurants, including gourmet, upscale buffet dining in the main dining room.  Mostly Mediterranean fare made with fresh ingredients.  

Amenities: A sun deck swimming pool, fitness center, salon, spa, lounge, and deck chess.  The ships also feature bicycles to be used for tours during the various stops along the way.

Best For: German-speaking guests, sophisticated travelers, and younger guests with lots of energy.  English-speaking travelers who enjoy a more international flair. 

Included Alcohol: Unlimited beer, wine, and spirits throughout the day, every day.

Gratuities: Additional, not added automatically.  Guests are welcome to tip crew at their discretion, and a gratuities box for the entire crew is also available at the end of the cruise.  Tipping can also be done through the onboard account.

Where They Go: Rhine River, Danube River, Rhône/Saône Rivers, and the Seine River.

Sarah Bretz, Contributor

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