From the Amtrak station in Winter Park, Florida it's a one-hour drive to either Port Canaveral or Tampa. Take Amtrak to cruise ports in Florida.

If you’re like me and don’t fly, there comes a time when your cruise ship doesn’t shove off from a port within reasonable driving distance. When I had to get to Los Angeles for a Hawai’ian Islands cruise and later, to Portland for a Columbia river cruise, my only way there was Amtrak to California and again for Oregon.

Some of the smaller stations throughout the country, including Florida, have free but very limited parking spaces at the station.  You must tell the station agent that you are parking your car long-term and you will get a permit to place on your dashboard.

That’s all well and good…until you get there and there are no places to park and your train is due in 15 minutes.  Unless you’re sure you’ll get a parking space at one of these smaller stations, it might be a good idea to drive a bit further to one of the major train stations to park your car.

How this works

Amtrak has teamed up with Parking Panda to let you to find, reserve, and pay for guaranteed parking at over 30 train stations nationwide.

Search for your train station and then compare real-time parking prices and available locations for your selected location. After purchase, you will receive an email confirmation that will serve to guarantee entry to your selected location and also serves as payment.

Space will be set aside at your selected parking location to ensure that your parking is guaranteed, even if the lot or garage otherwise reaches capacity.

States that offer pre-purchase parking

California – Los Angeles, Oakland, Sacramento, San Diego, San Francisco and San Jose.
Colorado – Denver
Delaware – Wilmington
Florida – Tampa
Georgia – Atlanta
Illinois – Chicago
Indiana – Indianapolis
Louisiana – New Orleans
Maryland – Baltimore
Massachusetts – Boston
Missouri – St. Louis
New Jersey – Newark
New Mexico – Albuquerque
New York – Buffalo, NYC
Ohio – Cleveland
Ontario – Toronto
Oregon – Portland
Pennsylvania – Philadelphia, Pittsburgh
Tennessee – Nashville
Texas – Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, San Antonio
Virginia – Alexandria, Richmond
Washington – Seattle
Washington D.C. – Union Station
Wisconsin – Milwaukee

Read More Here for a complete list of Amtrak stations and parking locations.

Non-flyers can rejoice and not worry about finding a parking space at their Amtrak station.  You may have to drive a little farther, but for piece of mind in knowing your parking spot is reserved, is worth it.

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If your departure city isn’t listed here, contact your Amtrak station and get the lowdown on parking. There may be times when the station agent doesn’t answer the phone.  This is usually because a train is about to arrive or depart and there’s only one or two agents on staff. Keep trying.  If the station is very close, drive over and speak with the station agent and know before you go.

You may also visit for more information.

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