New cruise app with tons of great cruising info

How many passengers? When was that ship built?  Here’s a nifty new app that will answer ALL of your questions and then some.

Based on the 2012 Berlitz “Complete Guide to Cruising and Cruise Ships” book  written by the foremost cruise authority Douglas Ward, this app is jam-packed with cruise information from little known factoids to robust insight to help you plan your next cruise.

Berlitz Cruise Guide appCase in point, you are out with friends or visiting family and everyone wants to go on a cruise.  With this app you have 275 in-depth cruise ship reviews at your fingertips.  Your cruise planning can get underway immediately and excitement can begin before you leave the restaurant.  Or you’re on the commuter train to work looking out at the snow and ice from your window. What better than to take out your i-Product and start researching your warm weather cruise.

This app has been updated for 2012 and now includes a filter to narrow down your ship preferences, has double the ship photos from last year’s app and even has a sharing button to send info to your cruise mates.  You can filter which ships are best for families, offer the best entertainment, which ship has the best scores for food and on and on.

Berlitz Guide to Cruises by Douglas Ward app for iPhoneThere’s the “Best For” category filter which you can see I’ve set for “Cuisine.” From there just pick how many stars for the rating you’d like, size of ship, cruise line and presto. You don’t even need to press “enter” as it automatically filters with each selection.

Berlitz Guide to Cruises by Douglas Ward app for iPhoneFind your cruise line and then the fun really begins.

Berlitz Guide to Cruises by Douglas Ward app for iPhoneOnce your found the ship that fits your preferences, simply swipe the screen to see all of the available descriptions which really go into detail.  When you click on “Accommodations” not only do you learn how many balcony/oceanview/inside cabins are on the ship, but also when the last refurbishment took place and even what type of programming is on your in-cabin television.

Berlitz Guide to Cruises by Douglas Ward app for iPhoneWhen you’ve found your dream cruise, use the “share” button and send your results to Twitter, Facebook or email it to your friends.

This really cool app can be downloaded to your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad and is available from iTunes for $9.99.

In full disclosure, I was lucky enough to receive the link to this app in order to review it.  As soon as my trial subscription runs out, I’ll purchase it from iTunes.  It’s that good.

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