It’s a long “E” sound…EEE-quinox

Celebrity Cruises has a new baby; the Equinox. Being someone who doesn’t mince words, let alone mispronounce them, I found myself saying over and over is it “EEE-quinox” or “ECK-quinox?” Finally after several sleepless nights I turned to to hear it correctly pronounced.

While we’re on the subject of mispronounced travel-related words, here’s another common mistake. Every time I hear a Royal Caribbean cruise director talking over the loudspeaker, this drives me nuts: “Tomorrow we will be stopping at beautiful CocoCAY.” It’s not CAY like KAY; it’s KEE. Think Key West, originally spelled “Cay”.. When was the last time you visited the Florida “Kays?”

Shall I continue? ANTIGUA. Say “An-TEE-gah,” forget the “u.”

DOMINICA. Doe-min-EEK-ah not Doe-MIN-ick-ah.

Heading to St. Thomas on a cruise? You’ll dock or tender at the largest city on the island: Charlotte Amalie. Pronounced Ah-MAH-lee-ah not Amalie like Emily.

Now for the biggie…is it Ca-RIB-ee-ahn or Care-ah-BEE-ahn? Personally, I prefer the first pronounciation. BUT…I’ll use the latter if the people I am with are pronouncing it like the yellow & black striped insect.

Buzz ya later…I’m off to start packing for my 10-night cruise aboard the Celebrity EE-quinox. On the itinerary: Charlotte A-MAH-lee-ah, St. Thomas and Roseau, Doe-min-EEK-ah. I’ll save “Cay” West for next time.

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