River Cruise Prices – What to Know Before You Book Your Cruise

How expensive are river cruises?

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There aren’t any $399 7-night river cruises. River cruise prices may begin at $1,999 per person for a 7-night off-season Europe river cruise. Prices inch up by several thousand dollars for summer, longer and/or more exotic itineraries. Of course, suite accommodations can set you back double the cost of even the least expensive balcony cabin.

Seven-night Mississippi River and Columbia River cruise prices usually begin at over $3,000 per person. Smaller rivers and waterways in North American require very small, almost yacht-like vessels and can fetch an even higher price tag.

Occasionally, promotions pop-up on Europe river cruises that offer reduced or free airfare from the USA coupled with rock-bottom pricing for accommodations. Keep in mind that the advertised, really inexpensive deal on accommodations will be the stateroom on the lowest deck, based on double occupancy, closest to the engine room, off-season and you’ll have windows at eye-level.

If pricing means the difference between going and not going, keep in mind that you can bring foam ear plugs, get fresh air on the sun deck and experience a unique view of the river at water-level. Don’t let a careful budget stop you from going on a river cruise. And unlike ocean cruises, you don’t have one or two days without stopping at a port.