Fathom Cruises to Cuba Begin in May!

Carnival Corporation's new Fathom Adonia
Carnival Corporation’s new Fathom Adonia

Cruises to Cuba are finally here.

Leave it to the folks at Carnival Corporation and their new Fathom cruise line to be one of the first cruise ship companies granted permission to offer cruises to Cuba, round-trip between the United States and Cuba in over fifty years.  Aside from cultural immersion, Fathom is dedicated to “voluntourism” and generating a positive social impact with the people of Cuba and their newest visitors.

While in Cuba, cruise passengers will participate in immersive programs designed to encourage cultural, artistic, faith-based, and humanitarian interactions between American and Cuban citizens.

That said, Fathom has released their 2016 Cuba cruise schedule and itinerary.  Beginning May 1, Fathom’s only ship, the 710-passenger Adonia, sets out on its inaugural cruise to Cuba, round-trip from Miami.  Cruises to Cuba aboard Adonia kick into full swing with every other Sunday scheduled departures from Miami.

The route of Adonis as it nearly circumnavigates Cuba.
The route of Adonia as it nearly circumnavigates Cuba.

The round-trip cruise between Miami and several Cuban ports includes Havana (overnight), Cienfuegos, and Santiago de Cuba.  The Adonia will do almost a complete circle around Cuba before heading back to Miami with two days at sea.

In Havana, culture-centric activities include a walking tour through Havana’s Old City, which is now a UNESCO World Heritage site.  Dining in local restaurants, a visit to artists’ communities and of course there’s a night on the town to experience the island’s Afro-Cuban music.

Fathom cruises to Cuba include a walk through the Old City in downtown Havana, Cuba.
You’ll spend two days in Havana on Fathom’s cruises to Cuba itinerary.

Spend a morning at primary school, chat with locals, wander through colorful outdoor markets, and wrap up your Cuba experience with a visit to a local cigar factory and rum distillery.

Here's what to expect on your week-long cruise to Cuba aboard the Adonis.
Here’s what to expect on your week-long cruise to Fathom cruises to Cuba aboard the Adonia.

For more information on your time ashore, here’s a link to Fathom’s detailed itinerary.

It’s historic, it’s newsworthy and more than memorable.  It’s also a hands-across-the-water, good will experience to bridge cultural gaps.

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  • Hi Mike,
    At this very moment, it isn’t determined yet but should be, in the next month. I hope to post about whether or not Canadians will be able to experience Fathom’s Adonia to Cuba. Stay tuned.


  • Are these cruises only available to American passengers? You say that ‘….interactions between American and Cuban citizens.’ That certainly limits their marketing requirements.

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