En route to Quebec City Day 6

Sea days are wonderful…a time to catch up on sleep, explore the ship and finally have the time to partake in activities and events.  This morning was the Galley Tour, given by Chef Gilbert D’Souza.  Walking through a galley as the crew is just beginning their day, is an enlightening experience.  Aside from the constant humming of fans, the rumbling dishwasher and clanking of aluminum trays being stacked, the galley’s pre-dinner commotion had not yet begun.

Morning galley crew preparing for dinner

Once dinner service begins, there will be one hundred-twenty waiters serving over nineteen-hundred passengers, total.

Although there is no food in public areas after midnight, Celebrity does not lack in the food supply department. There is a constant flow of an amazing variety of food throughout the day in the Seaside Café.

Sushi Bar in Seaside Cafe - 6pm - 9pm every night

Beginning with breakfast, segueing into brunch, lunch, teatime , sushi, stir-fry and ending with a table-cloth dinner with “candles” in a sectioned area.  Called “Casual Dining” in the Seaside Café from 6PM – 9PM, reservations are suggested as this area is becoming quite popular. It is similar to the dinner-whenever concept that is implemented on nearly every cruise ship. I’ve made a reservation for the next sea day; I’m excited to review it.

"Casual Dining" at Seaside Cafe. Reservations accepted

I haven’t mentioned much about the entertainment.  The first gala production, on formal night, was a Broadway production show that I hadn’t seen since the Celebrity Millennium inaugural cruise.  This touring company out-performed what I thought was spectacular a few years ago.  The lead singers hit all the right notes in both Phantom of the Opera and Les Miserables.  The sets are gorgeous and cleverly designed to maximize the given size of the stage.  A standing ovation went out to all.

Perry Grant, zany, hilarious and a fabulous entertainer

Perry Grant, a five-year Celebrity Constellation tradition, always packs the house for his evening performances in Michael’s Club.  Cabaret singer/pianist, Perry has performed all over the world, including a performance for HRH Princess Diana.  He has an incredible following, similar to Matt Yee aboard Royal Caribbean in the Schooner Bar.  Word of advice: if you want to see Perry’s show, get to Michael’s Club thirty minutes early.  Seating is limited.  Unless you want to stand or sit on the floor (as many do), homestead your chair early.  On a longer cruise such as this one, Perry will perform in different venues: one night in the Rendez-Vous Lounge and another two performances in the main Celebrity theater.

Another show, a Latin singing and dancing review, missed their mark.  Maybe it was the cold weather or dryness in their cabins, but the singers were off key and the dancers had no personality or energy.  One male dancer has fabulous aerobatic moves, but his skill was overshadowed by the others’ faux pas, so to speak.

We will enter the St. Lawrence River in the middle of the night with an arrival in Quebec City at 11am.  Weather is expected to be quite wintry, and if my prediction in my Day One entry is correct, we’ll be dashing and darting through the snow.  Without a window in my stateroom, I’ll keep my TV on the Bridge Cam station all night.  It’s the next best thing to having a window to the world.  At least you know when daylight begins as the TV screen gradually becomes brighter and a view of the outside is visible.

Looking forward to seeing Quebec City tomorrow.

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