Celebrity Equinox day two at sea

Leaving Florida can lead to a bumpy ride across the Florida Straits. Not last night. The ocean was calm and being at the bow of the ship made no difference. Room service arrived on time with my strong coffee, eggs over medium, croissant and melon. Celebrity is one of the few large cruise lines that offer Room Service breakfast with freshly cooked eggs, not the pre-scrambled powdered variety. As the person who delivers your Room Service order is usually not your room attendant, I always set out a dollar bill on the dresser before I go to bed. Then when I foggily answer the door, I have their gratuity in hand and don’t have to fumble through the safe to find my wallet.

At 11:30am in the main dining room, was the first of five wine tasting events. This one was complimentary for past Celebrity guests. Luckily there were small cubes of cheese and breadsticks to munch on as I don’t usually have wine before lunch. Mike, the main Sommelier, gave us a brief lecture on two white wines, two red wines and one champagne which we sampled while he spoke. Lunch in the main dining room and I was ready for a nap.

Looking for something new for dinner, I opted for Select Dining, Celebrity’s answer to the popular dine-when-you-want craze. Arriving at an early six-thirty, it still took nearly two hours to get through dinner. I’m not sure if all the waiters in the Select Dining area are ready for this new experience. Or perhaps the wait staff has been reduced and each waiter has more tables in their station. I definitely will try Select Dining again, as it is very convenient, but hope it doesn’t take two hours again. It’s the same entrees as in the formal seating.

Speaking of formal, the second night out is always formal night. On this occasion, there were people in the dining room who decided to go to dinner in polo shirts and slacks. This is a recurring situation on all ships. Even though it clearly states in the daily planner what is to be worn to the dining room on formal night, people show up in casual clothes. It is up to the Maitre’d to decide whether or not to allow them into the dining room. Lately, it seems not to matter to the Maitre’d if the person next to you is in jeans and a baseball cap and you are in your formal attire. I guess they don’t want to risk alienating anyone and losing a future cruise booking.

Since I ate early I was able to get to the first show in the Celebrity Theatre. Another variation on the old Broadway tunes with the singers and dancers, but this time there was a twist: all Stephen Sondheim music including three numbers from Les Miserables which were beautifully and energetically performed. Definitely the high point of the evening’s entertainment.

That was it for my evening. A quick walk on the outside deck and I headed back to my stateroom, hoping to watch a movie on my 32” flat panel television.

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