Bonjour Paris!

[youtube][/youtube]Even Cruise Maven has to go inland on occasion.  Of course, that’s only after taking a ship across the Atlantic.  Getting to Paris by sea isn’t going to happen without a bit of careful planning.

If your cruise itinerary touches the port of Le Havre, you can request to debark there.  Arrangements must be made through the cruise line to request early debarkation.  Once in Le Havre, it’s only a short train ride to Paris.  In my case this time, I chose to leave my ship in Dover, England.  From there, I hopped into a taxi to Ashford, the last stop in England to catch the Eurostar before it enters the Chunnel.

Take a quick tour of my short time getting to and in Paris.  Actually very short…I was connecting between train stations via taxi, on my way to Provence.

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