The next round of My Amazing Adventures begins again with Back to Europe 2011.   Last year, sixty-eight days were spent in transit, reaching two continents, cruising three European rivers and riding eleven trains .  Of those sixty-eight days, only seven were on land.  This year, my trip will only be fifty-one days and of that, only five will be on land.  Hopefully, there will be less time traversing on, to and from trains.


That’s where the “spinner” comes in.  I am so spoiled by Amtrak and the Red Caps that are there to assist in luggage hoisting and maneuvering.  In Europe, you don’t dare step onto the train one suitcase at a time; the train will leave with either you or your suitcases waving good-bye to each other.  If you’re lucky enought to make it  onboard with all of your luggage, you’ll soon realize that the aisles in the cars are not nearly as wide as on Amtrak, either.  Meaning that unless you can drag your  suitcases sideways to your compartment or seat, you are in for a very frustrating few minutes.   However…with the new spinner-style four-wheeled suitcase, case closed-problem solved.  Now the only challenge is to find one that weighs less than a small boulder.


4 Comments on I gotta get a spinner…

  1. Hi! I was thinking about you two. I would love to journey over to the “other” coast. Hope all is well. I’m so jealous of your Nile cruise. Have a great time on the Oasis.

  2. We know about spinners we both have them and do not want to go without, we have a 7 day cruise nexr week aboard the oasis going to the caribbean.
    We still are planning on going to egypt the end of may.
    Still waiting for you to come over to our side for a visit.
    Larry and Desne wills

  3. Hi EZ, thanks for your (funny) comment. Great suggestion…I will conjur up an article dealing with exactly what you have suggested. It will be directed towards the over 40yr non-backpacking, need my blow-dryer but want to travel light, traveler.

  4. You’re right- toting luggage is no fun, but mandatory, a necessary evil. But wow, a trip THAT long- I think I’ve had careers that didn’t last that long 😉
    So have you written about how much luggage you require for a multi-week international trip?
    Do you have any things you couldn’t do without?

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